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Stay Connected

Today, we highlight Columbia Elementary School and its beautiful new mural. Their afterschool students got to participate in the creation of it by putting their handprints on the mural.✋🤚 What a fun memory to gift to these kids! 💙 #FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

We have something new! We invite families, staff, and the community to view our vibrant, real-time data dashboard. It allows easy access to state test results, student achievement data, and a variety of demographic information about students and the district!

This week, in honor of Black History Month, we are excited to share that L. Kobie Wilkerson a.k.a L. Kobie Da Wiz, an award-winning author and poet is visiting Thomas Elementary for storytime. Students will also take home a copy of one of his books! #FUSDFamily

Kratt Elementary School takes the highlight today. They have introduced a new pilot PE program that is tied to math instruction. Take a look to see what that involves!
#FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

This week is National School Counseling Week. Give a huge thank you to our school counselors and their tremendous impact by nurturing and cultivating the interests, intellect, and leadership of our students!
#FUSDFamily #AchievingOurGreatestPotentialFUSD

"The mother of the freedom movement," Rosa Parks, changed the course of history in this country through her refusual to give up her bus seat. Today we recognize the strength and courage she showed in the face of adversity and her part in fighting for racial equality.

Today, we are highlighting the Science Department! They are celebrating the adoption of their new physics textbooks that allow for a consistent curriculum across the district. It has made collaboration and learning between teachers and students much easier and fun! #FUSDFamily

Today, we highlight Fresno Adult School and their new, streamlined enrollment process. Students can now complete their enrollment forms, be assessed and get their class schedule – all in one visit! Check out what Fresno Adult School has to offer. #FUSDFamily

February is Black History Month. We want to focus our attention on the contributions and sacrifices of African Americans and Black people who helped shape this nation. Stay tuned for all the activities and events we have in place for this month. #FUSDFamily

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