Welcome to the Cambridge Campus Culture Website

Providing a positive educational environment for all students

We will work to promote a campus culture that is safe, welcoming, engaging, and supportive of instruction. We will work collaboratively with students and staff as well as with the community to provide a positive educational environment for all students.

Campus Culture includes:

  • ​ASB (leadership)
  • Clubs
  • Student council

Cambridge High School ASB​

In order to develop an effective student government, establish responsibility of citizenship in the school, home, the community, and nation; to develop an organization which will promote high standards in scholarship, student activities, and ideals, we, the students of Cambridge High School, do establish this behavior for the Associated Student Body. The purpose of this organization shall be to further the best interests of the Students of Cambridge High School through promotion and supervision of student organizations and activities, and through promotion of improved community conditions.

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