Asian Club:  Advisor- Yia Xiong

​Purpose:  To promote Asian awareness and foster cultural identity. Any student can join.

​Basketball Club:  Advisor- Donald Sherman

Purpose:  To promote unity through basketball and develop skills for students who enjoy basketball. Any student can join.

BSU: Advisor- Anjanetta Green and Kameka Pulliam

Purpose:  To promote, unify and bring Black cultural awareness on our campus. Any student can join.

Cambridge Culture Journal Club: Advisor- Jadrian Ejercito

Purpose:  Cross Culture effort to bring students and staff together by publishing a digital magazine promoting diversity. Any student can join.

Chess Club: Advisor- Robert Vega

Purpose: Develop analytical and strategical skills through chess. Any student can join.

e-Sports: Advisor- Jose Garcia

Purpose: Online gaming competition throughout the district. Any student can join.

GSA: Advisor- Joe Trevino

Purpose: Promote a safe environment and awareness within the LGBTQ+ community. Any student can join.

Smash Bro’s: Advisor- Bradley Powers

Purpose: Social gaming club for students who enjoy playing Super Smash Bro’s. Any student can join.

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