​Basketball Club:  Advisor- Donald Sherman

Purpose:  To promote unity through basketball and develop skills for students who enjoy basketball. Any student can join.

BSU: Advisor- Anjanetta Green

Purpose:  To promote, unify and bring Black cultural awareness on our campus. Any student can join.

Chess Club: Advisor- Robert Vega

Purpose: Develop analytical and strategical skills through chess. Any student can join.

e-Sports: Advisor- Peter Fortuna

Purpose: Online gaming competition throughout the district. Any student can join.

GSA: Advisor- Elva Carlos

Purpose: Promote a safe environment and awareness within the LGBTQ+ community. Any student can join.

RC Racing: Advisor- Peter Fortuna

Purpose: Students to learn how use and maintain RC vehicles. Any student can join

Sport Club: Advisors- Jose Garcia and Yia Xiong

Purpose: Students who enjoy playing sports will have the opportunity to practice and participate in an Intermural tournament during lunch throughout the school year. The sports students will be able to participate in include: Volleyball, soccer, flag football, and mushball. Any student can join.

Smash Bro’s: Advisor- Bradley Powers

Purpose: Social gaming club for students who enjoy playing Super Smash Bro’s. Any student can join.

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